This Bajrayogini Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd. was established in 2056 BS under the Cooperatives Act 2048 BS. Bajrayogini Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. is a financial institution licensed to conduct financial transactions in accordance with the Cooperatives Act of the Government of Nepal. Its head office is located at Tamrakar Complex, Pako, New Road, Kathmandu, the largest business center in Nepal. From there, arrangements have been made to provide effective financial services to the members of the organization in a state-of-the-art manner.Managed by a reputed business group of Nepal, the organization has long experience in the financial and social sectors at the top management level.The main objective of this organization is to establish the competent and entrepreneurial members in the current competitive financial market by providing attractive interest through healthy competition and making them competent, capable and self-reliant entrepreneurs by providing loans through affordable interest rate and fast service facility for business promotion of business and entrepreneurial members. 



The main objective of this organization is to provide additional financial protection to the living standards of the members by developing the habit of saving in the institutional and legal way. The daily business of the organization has been brought into operation with the aim of fulfilling the small and big financial needs of the business community, from the middle businessmen to the small businessmen in the rural areas, women's groups and cultural groups. In short, the main objectives of this organization are as follows.

  • To promote the habit of regular saving by increasing self-reliance and economy among the members.
  • Regularly receive deposits from members and provide interest at competitive rates on their deposits.
  • To provide loans to the members at reasonable rates for productive, income generating and skill oriented  purposes.
  • To run income generating project for members and institutional development.
  • To assist in the socio-economic upliftment of middle and low income individuals or groups in the society.



  • Services are provided from Pako, New Road, the main business center of Kathmandu.
  • Financial services flowed quickly and reliably.
  • Arrangement has been made to fully computerize the accounts of the members.
  • Effective Banking Software
  • Arrangements have been made to calculate daily transactions in a scientific manner.
  • Nepal's renowned business group is managed by the British Gurkha Group. 



Successful management is a reflection of being able to perform one's duties fearlessly and honestly under the rule of law. The management is determined to overcome this reality forever. Skilled and experienced employees are working to implement the policies and programs of the organization effectively.


In order to provide financial services to the customers in a fast and simple manner, the organization has been fully computerized to systematically account for the daily transactions. In addition, banking software has been connected to make the financial transactions with the customer reliable and systematic.


ग्राहकवर्गको सुविधालाई ध्यानमा राखी विपे्रषण सेवाको सुविधा उपलब्ध गराउने उद्देश्यले संसारको जुनसुकै ठाउँबाट पठाएको रकम तुरुन्त भुक्तानी लिन सकिने भरपर्दो माध्यम वेस्टर्न युनियन मनि ट्रान्सफर (Western Union Money Transfer) को सेवा संस्था मार्फत् उपलब्ध गराइनेछ ।

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